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We promote human flourishing and sovereign individuality first and foremost.


This website is for informational, education, and entertainment purposes only. Oh yeah, we also sell Bitcoin, philosophic and psychedelic merch to support to areas of work that we feel will most support Human Flourishing. Your support partially supports our efforts here. If you are so moved, please send some monetary energy our way. We strive for a value-for-value model. 

We discuss the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic substances and their responsible use. Many psychedelic substances are illegal. Check with your local jurisdictions to understand the implications of their use.


We discuss Bitcoin, monetary policy, free-thought and discourse on the human condition and human thinking, and tax issues. We are NOT psychotherapists, financial advisors or tax advisors. 


Our community places great trust in us – and we understand the responsibility that requires of us. We will always do our best to provide accurate, responsible information that provides maximum benefit for ALL human beings, and to all sentient creatures.

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