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Why we're giving back

It's not enough anymore to ask you to but something simply because its cool. (And yes, our merch designs are cool.) We have also decided something else is needed if we are going to make a real difference in this turbulent world. That "something" is giving 5% of our net profits back to two worthy projects: The Human Rights Foundation Bitcoin Development Fund, and MAPS, the Multi-Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Read a little more about why below.



Bitcoin Development Fund 

In 2020, the Human Rights Foundation launched a fund to support software developers who are making the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized, and resilient so that it can better serve as a financial tool for human rights activists, civil society organizations, and journalists around the world. We at feel there may be no more noble cause to which to contribute part of our efforts. We love the Bitcoin network for all that it already has done for the unbanked, and for all of us who desire our money to be liberated from the fiat central bankers and their corruption.


Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies

Could psychedelics help us heal from trauma and mental illnesses? Researcher Rick Doblin has spent the past three decades investigating this question, and the results are promising. In this fascinating dive into the science of psychedelics, he explains how drugs like LSD, psilocybin and MDMA affect your brain -- and shows how, when paired with psychotherapy, they could change the way we treat PTSD, depression, substance abuse and more.

Many of us here at have witnessed firsthand the healing power of these compounds when used in an intentional, guided and sacred manner. To say that we owe the profoundly positive changes of our lives in part to these practices is as direct a testimony as we can give. We support Rick, MAPS and this research in addressing and healing the long-standing trauma so many have endured. There is a way through...

When you choose to purchase from us, you not only receive cutting-edge designs on high-quiality products but you are also contributing to the betterment of society.

Value for Value!

1. Superior Quality: We understand that quality matters. That's why we have partnered with experienced POD (Print-On-Demand) printers who use top-of-the-line equipment and premium materials. Our garments are durable, comfortable, and designed to withstand the test of time.

2. Giving Back to Bitcoin Developers Fund: As a proud supporter of the Bitcoin ecosystem, we are committed to giving back to the Bitcoin Developers Fund. By purchasing Bitcoin themed merch from us, you directly contribute to the development and innovation of the Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin Developers Fund supports the brilliant minds behind the scenes who are tirelessly working to improve the infrastructure, security, and scalability of Bitcoin. Your purchase helps ensure that Bitcoin continues to thrive as a decentralized, transparent, and inclusive financial system for everyone.

3. Supporting MAPS: Our dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond the realm of technology and finance. With your purchase of psychedelic or philosophically themed schwag, we also donate a portion of our profits to MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. MAPS is at the forefront of research and education on psychedelic-assisted therapy, exploring how these powerful substances can be used to treat various conditions such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Your contribution aids in advancing scientific knowledge, dismantling stigma, and providing support for individuals seeking innovative therapeutic solutions.

By choosing us, not only will you receive a high-quality and customizable garment, but you will also be actively contributing to causes that have the potential to change lives. Together, we can support the development of groundbreaking technology and transformative psychedelic research, making a positive impact on our world.

Shop with us today and become part of a movement that combines style, innovation, and socially conscious action. Together, let's make a statement with our fashion choices, driving progress, and creating a better future for all. 

Start shopping with us today and be a catalyst for positive change.

When, and How will we do this?

We'll audit our books on a quarterly basis and determine profit margins, then within 2-3 weeks of that we'll be able to send our 5% net profit donations along to each of these two worthy agencies. 

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