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A Collection of Tendencies
with the common referent of

 Nolin Emitrae

Sovereign Nolin has Dangerous Ideas

I've started this website because I've seen things that I simply cannot un-see. 

Breathtakingly beautiful things.

Unspeakably horrifying things.

Heartbreak upon heartbreak.

Hope for Humanity, and all sentient creatures on this spaceship.

Through this seeing, I've been able to patch together useful insights into the human condition, the nature of suffering, the realization of ways to dis-identify with that suffering. I have moved through this life with the confidence that can only come from the full grokking       that I am a child of a Loving Intelligence vastly greater than my own. I've seen ways to coax wealth out seemingly nothing other than discipline and hard work. Things that I imagine often become real if I ply myself properly, methodically, and diligently to the task. If I can convey a fraction of this – if even one person is benefitted by my efforts, this Proof-of-Work called Nolin and his will have been worth it.

Caution: the ideas presented here are dangerous to the status quo. You'll find yourself challenged by much of what I say. I'm 2 parts heretic, 1 part iconoclast, and 1 part Truth seeker. I am dedicated to my highest values of self-mastery, competency, and becoming a Sovereign Individual. If you continue to read, you might consider how willing you are to slaughter all of your sacred cows upon the Altar of your own Truth.


Now a little more context for that outrageous declarative:

Thanks to my father, and his father, I learned how to harvest wild-game, butcher it myself, eat it all year-long, and generously give it to friends. I take no joy in killing other sentient animals, but I deeply respect each and every one that has presented itself to me. I collect embarrassing bounties of food that grow wild in nearly all parts of the world, and give thanks to them for their nourishment. Gathering my food from the landscape is one of the most sacred things I do. I also have a decent enough dialog with plants that I can encourage them to grow in cultivated soil. I can build fire in 5 different ways (and counting). I'm not afraid of facing the cold north wind, nor am I opposed to sweating profusely under the heat of our mighty Star.


I've been known to walk out into the wilderness and up to the alpine with only a knife, a bit of water, a fist-full of psychedelics, and the clothes I wear. I have walked off those alpine mountain peaks with lightning crashing all around, the iron-composite rocks all a-buzz with the pure electrical potential in the air, and my hair, soaking wet, standing up on my head. I've witnessed countless sunsets that made me weep, and listened to how the air speaks to me through trees. I've frequently gazed up at the night sky in the desert, in a place so far removed from civilization that the Milky Way glows with dazzling luminescence in my pupils. In that same sky, I've watched strange lights move about with such speed and maneuverability that I could only chuckle in disbelief.  

I've swum with sharks, and been so close to bears I could smell them. I've been stalked by mountain lions, and have peaceably faced-down an 1,800 lb bison. (There were no trees to climb, and he could run faster than I.) I once watched a golden eagle fall like a hammer from the sky upon a hapless yearling deer. I've spoken with a conspiracy of 100+ desert ravens, then watched them spiral up a thermal into a clear azure-blue August sky until I could no longer see them, but could still hear them. I stood at the western tip of the Island of Mykines near the Arctic Circle on the Summer solstice, staring into an impossibly blue North Atlantic Ocean, thousands of seabirds wheeling in the sky. I've seen the Northern Lights shimmering pink and green, and I swear to you, the night was so numbingly cold and so utterly silent I could hear the hiss of the energy in the upper atmosphere. 

I've lived in some of the biggest cities in the world, and witnessed acts of genuine compassion as well as terrible violence there. I've seen rivers flowing with pollution, streets blowing with trash. I've seen people planting trees, caring for their aging parents, and witnessed others striving to do their best with so very little. I've talked with junkies just before they plunged a needle into their vein, trying to coax them out of this very harmful choice. I've negotiated with businessmen who appeared more like sharks than people.


I've looked across the Forbidden City in Beijing, the air so polluted that most of it was shrouded in a ghastly yellow-pall. The next day, I stood upon a crumbling section of the Great Wall 4 hours from Beijing who's first brick was laid in 900 A.D., and whose last brick was laid in 1402 A.D.  I've stood atop the Temples of both the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán, Mexico. I've been mugged by gangbangers in Detroit, I've watched the mentally ill wandering in the sand while the sun set on the beach in Santa Monica, the press of millions of fervent Los Angelinos at my back. I've witnessed both demons and angels. And have had the startling realization that they – and all manifest phenomena – are but reflections of that which I AM. 

When not wandering the planet, I have been known to design and build useful, beautiful things with my computer, my table-saw, and my bare hands. I've pushed a pixel or two around the screen, and enjoy making this silicon my slave. I have wrung significant profit out of at least 19 computers in 32+years. I just as readily enjoy the smell of fresh-sawn oak, and the simple satisfaction of making something out of wood, for myself or someone I love. 


I have emotionally warred with my parents, and subsequently made my peace with them. Thankfully, before they passed. I've held the hands many dying friends as they've drawn their last, rattling breath. I've laid some of those same beloveds upon an open pyre, and cremated them, releasing their energy back to the heavens. Other of those beloveds, I've wrapped in a cotton shroud and lowered them into the earth, with no headstone to mark where they are now quietly returned to the Grand Cycle of Death and Rebirth.


I have battled with business competitors, losing sometimes, winning just a few more. I have partnered with amazing clients to bring forth gorgeous public works of display and education into the world. They've paid me handsomely for this, I only hope that the work was appreciated by those who witnessed it. 

Of all that beauty, and all that horror, I have to say that the following two aspects of our reality are toppers:


It appears that money really is part of the base later of this 3D existence, and it is fascinating that in this realm there can be one monetary system so miraculous, and another system so corrupt. That miracle is Bitcoin, and I have fallen so deeply down the Bitcoin rabbit hole that I will never emerge back to the world of the "normies". Contrast that with the the malevolent, corrupt, and horribly broken fiat money system known as central banking. The shadowy central banksters have devised a nefarious game by which they are stealing our property and our life-force. Bitcoin will fix it. I hope to be a small part of that repair. I've seen the fingerprints and bootprints of the dark-magicians of monetary policy that currently run the financial world. At first, I despaired that there was anything that could be done to stop their self-serving, murderous practices. But - Bitcoin is HOPE. And it's immutably programmed encryption models may not just replace the fraudsters who run the banking cartels, it might have the potential to fix many of the ills of the 3D manifest world. If you've read this far, Bitcoin is one of the two raisons d'étre for this information appearing here. You may find a useful thing or two about the nature of money, finance, capital, property and Bitcoin's role in fixing the World Economy now and into the future. You will also find that if you become part of the Bitcoin network, you will instantly belong to one of the most profound and mathematically miraculous monetary energy systems ever to have been gifted to Humankind. I'll help show you how. 


The second aspect of reality and reason for all this fervent typing and imagery is thus:


Of all these things – and more – this is one of my life's greatest treasures: to love, and have been loved by many people. I cannot show you how to do that, you'll have to figure it out for yourself. But I may have a few pointers, and a few things to disabuse you of what you may have thought Love was. I'm here to muse upon and write about the multifaceted nature of LOVE, and in so doing, impart to you what it is like for this particular collection of tendencies to receive and freely give the most boundless energy in the Universe. I have broken more than a few hearts, and had my own broken to the point I was not sure if I would ever be whole again. Surprise, surprise! Love always comes back for Itself.  



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